Ivan Chai. Authorial range.
Packaging: Glass – 330 ml.
Fruit tea. Ginger citrus
The most original and trendy mix of ours. Rich in vitamins, it serves as a perfect refreshing drink in summer and as an excellent immune booster in winter. For our unique formula we've picked the apple juice from the south of Russia, as well as oranges, lemons and ginger, abundant in useful substances.
Berry tea. Honey sea-buckthorn
Sea-buckthorn is a unique Russian berry that houses a rich mineral and vitamin complex and boasts a distinctive taste. Its combination with lemon balm and honey makes an original recipe you can enjoy both in winter and in summer, indulging in its rich flavour, that blends sweetness of honey with acidity of sea-buckthorn.
Ivan Chai. Classic
Packaging: Glass – 330 ml, PET – 1000 ml.
Berry tea. Karelian berry
There used to exist a tradition in the villages of the North to while away long winter evenings with a cup of rosebay willowherb tea and dried berries. Dried cranberries, brimming with vitamins and minerals, were particularly appreciated. The tea cheered up, served as an appetizer, was beneficial for health and helped to endure the cold. We've decided to replicate the recipe and and produce the original Karelian berry drink with cranberry juice and rosebay willowherb extract.
Fruit tea. Mint apple
Our new unique taste combines the juice of sweet garden apples, mint and rosebay willowherb extracts, as well as fragrant jasmine. A mix for real connoisseurs, this deep, delicious drink chills well in summer heat.
Beverage bases. BY VNUCHKA
Packaging: Doypack – 175 ml./ per 1 litre.
Pina Colada cocktail
Historians believe the original Pina Colada cocktail emerged in 1820. Captain of Caribbean pirates Roberto Cofresi treated his crew to this drink in order to maintain martial spirit. The beverage consisted of rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk. Our special recipe will enable you to prepare an alcoholic or virgin cocktail, featuring pineapple and orange juices, banana puree and coconut. Surprise your friends with expert bartender skills, saving loads of money on ingredients, as we have prepared everything you'll need in one pack.
Cosmopolitan Cocktail
This extremely tricky cocktail embodies orange juice and cranberries. Sticking to the original recipe, we have added a hint of pomegranate to give the drink a signature style. This is genuine "pink classics". Treat yourself to a special night with fascinating stories of "big city life" and a glass of pink dreams.
Mulled wine
Only in winter wonders happen, fairy tales come to life and dreams come true. During these lovely short winter days and long nights, when roads are covered with crystal white snow and a stove nearby oozes warmth, you can feel magic. We have selected an ideal composition for you in this recipe: grape, orange and apple juices, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange zest and grape seeds. Make yourself alcoholic or non-alcoholic mulled wine (add juice or wine according to the recipe on the pack) and render your evening perfect.
Tea brew base and Beverage base
Packaging: 175 or 250 ml. (doypack)
Tea brew base. Karelian recipe
We are presenting Tea brew base following a Karelian recipe. This perfect mix of rich flavour of forest berries and exquisite thyme taste is a new form of natural tea with fresh ingredients. A special technology has enabled us to create a unique product with versatile flavour. It'll help you make a restaurant-style tea, saving time and money.


1. Fresh ingredients and natural extracts in one packaging
2. It is convenient – you don't have to spend time purchasing loads of ingredients and mixing them
3. It is affordable, costs as a tea-bag
4. It is delicious, just like in a restaurant
Tea brew base. Moroccan recipe
This universally beloved recipe combines crispy citrus notes and fresh lime flavour, seasoned with a fine ginger aftertaste. It is perfect for a winter night and to create a cozy atmosphere. It is made using the unique brewing technology with further hot filling.
Tea brew base. Matcha and lemon
The matcha tea is of such ancient origin that it can be traced back to the rule of the Tang dynasty in China (618—907 a.d.). At the time there was invented a method to grind tea into fine powder, adding salt and mint. Our recipe is also very distinctive, as we blend Japanese matcha, orange juice and fresh lemons. This makes the drink refreshing and fuels you not only with vitamins, but with energy as well.
Beverage base. Mojito
Is there anyone who dislikes Mojito? Everybody loves it! It is a trendy and popular cocktail, featuring citrus juice, fresh lemons and mint extract. Enjoy summer vibes in any weather.
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