Our project came into existence in 2017. Our ambition was to make natural Russian beverages, based on original native recipes. To gather the high-quality ingredients was the hardest part. We focused specifically on rosebay willowherb to discover a unique profile that would give every drink a signature trait.
Since times immemorial has the humankind been acquainted with herbaceous perennials of the willowherb family. Its member, the so-called Ivan Chai or Chamerion, is particularly well-known. Owing to its unique and, undoubtedly, wholesome properties the plant was utilized not only for decoration, but as a medicine as well. What is more, its roots, shoots and leaves were used for food.

As a rule, most representatives of the willowherb family grow in the Northern hemisphere and prefer a moderate climate. One may find them on the edge of a forest, in the shrubs, on sandy grounds and especially on terrains, damaged by deforestation or fire.

The willowherb genus accounts for a total of 14 plant species.

We have looked through a multitude of ingredients in search of original and refreshing flavour. Every day we work to improve the quality and taste of our products. The manufacturing process has been arranged so as to bottle the products when hot, and we do not add preservatives or any other chemical components.

We believe it is possible to revive the culture of consumption of natural high-quality beverages in Russia. This is why we are looking for new formulas and recipes for you to enjoy a new selection of goods. Each of our products boasts its own history and uniqueness. Nevertheless, we are doing our best to keep the prices low and affordable for all the consumers to let the drinks enter our everyday life , as they are part of Russia's rich cultural heritage.
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